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CHUBBALATIONS: For the Big Girls!

As a Big Girl I have struggled to find clothing in my size. Either retailers have clothing only going up to a certain size or if they do have the bigger sizes they don't have the fun, modern clothing in the sizes I need. It's always been a struggle and this helped fuel my dislike for shopping for clothing up to this day.

It's always been something on my mind as a designer to tackle since being in this industry and with a push of encouragement from comment made by a customer, I finally decided to create a range of t-shirts to cater for ladies sizes large upwards.

You heard me right...this range starts in a size LARGE and no smaller!

And what will you find in this new range? Quirky, BOLD slogans that represent us bigger, chubby ladies so that we can feel proud of our shape. There will also be other designs such as images which reflect our Unapologetically Black tone as you see featured in our existing range.

What will you find?

Currently there are 3 different slogan designs available in our Chubbalations Range, so please take a look. Also if you want a specific slogan put on a t-shirt, please feel free to contact us as we can make bespoke items for you at an extra cost.

What's in the pipeline?

Bright. bold colour ranges will be added soon. Plus we do not plan to stop at t-shirts alone. Plus sized t-dress will be coming for the summer months along with matching accessory sets and sewn items such as short and skirts, SO WATCH THIS SPACE!! Subscribe for instant updates.

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